Creativity: Let it Flourish

Above all, what skill do you think a leader should master?  I’ll let you guess.  Any idea?  No?  Cue crickets chirping… 

Alright, alright — your silence is killing me so I’ll just tell you.  Creativity.  (Hence: dfs CREATIVE concepts.) Creativity is a powerful skill which needs to be cultivated and coddled by leaders. Creativity needs to bloom like a bright yellow sunflower on a hot summer’s day — or, in DFSCC’s case, blossom like a bubble-gum pink rose outside of our office steps.

And FYI — productivity and creativity do not have to clash. In fact, the two go hand-in-hand. By withholding your creative thinking, you are holding back potential discoveries.

So… As a leader, how do you manifest organizational creativity?  

This time I won’t wait for your response — I’ll give you the answer right now. That’s how sweet of a blogger I am. At DFS, we’re sweet as sugar. Yes? Yes. Okay, I’m getting sidetracked.

Manifesting Creativity: A Brief Guide Presented By Yours Truly

1.  Create a work environment in which new solutions and ideas can flow.  Provide clarity about which direction your workers should aim their creativity towards.
2.  Define strategic concepts.  And by that, I mean aim creative thinking towards the goals of your organization and the customers you serve.
3.  Spread art on one slice of bread and commerce on the other like you’re cookin’ up a mouthwatering PB & J. Don’t be creative for creativity’s sake — focus your creativity towards commerce.  For example, how will your new idea make your clients a profit?
4. Provide a space for collaborative expression. Creativity is a social culture, one that is founded upon collaboration. There should be a place in which co-workers can bounce ideas off each other like players at a ping-pong tournament (Yes — those do, in fact, exist).
5.  As a leader, you should act in a way that your role is to guide but not fail.  Does that make sense?  Basically, creativity needs structure to flourish — but it also needs to not be constrained.

Phew, that was a lot.  I hope my advice made sense — because if you embrace creativity in the right way (which we do at DFS, whoop whoop!), your organization (and clients, more importantly) can truly benefit.