Feedback Makes the Group Grow Stronger

At DFS Creative Concepts, we take pride in our team. We are a team of doers, thinkers, creators, and as we like to say, girl bosses (or women entrepreneurs). Each member brings something unique to the table. We are from cities all over the map and each of us has attributes that contribute to our strength as a team. Furthermore, we all possess different specialties that, together, help us to produce the best work for our clients.

Caroline is our master of prose and eloquently expresses her thoughts through her words. Megan is our spirited organizer and Julia is our inspired go-getter. Barrie is our “get it done” gal; she is speedy yet very thorough with her work. And these are just a few of our fearless girl bosses! In terms of our work as a team, we recognize each other’s critical roles. We have recognized the strengths in each of ourselves, and we willingly seek to learn from one another.

With that being said, feedback is major part of our daily work at DFS Creative Concepts. When necessary, we offer constructive feedback and we receive it. In our minds, feedback is not something we see as negative or offensive; rather we see it as a gift. At DFSCC, no member of our team is better or more skilled than another. It does not matter who has been with the company for the longest amount of time or who was the lead coordinator on last spring’s major event. We view feedback as one sharing wisdom they have gained in an area and using their experiences to help another master it as well. Sharing our wisdom not only helps one another to gain valuable experiences but also fosters our relationships as team members. As a whole, we have a passion for marketing and communicating our clients’ brand messages to the greater public. Our relationships and goals as a team must be strongly established in order to work well together. Feedback helps to promote this group cooperation.

On our little side street in The Village of West Greenville, we share feedback and accept it in our daily work. Each of us has something special to bring to the table yet by communicating ways to improve in each other’s work, we are doing wonders for our productivity and development as a group. So from our team to yours: make feedback a habit and a source of daily inspiration. A more well rounded version of you and your team will be the end result!