I Think You Should Just Go For It

i think you should just go for it

source: lovesurf.com

We agree. And this is exactly what we’re doing.

On a side street in the West Village of Greenville, South Carolina, sits an unimposing building with a rather bland exterior and a wooden dumpster by the front door. Open that door, however, and you are instantly greeted by colors, patterns, and creativity.

Each wall of the DFS Creative Concepts office is different: some have exposed brick; others are painted with monochromatic stripes. No two desk chairs are the same and a zebra rug serves as our own personal red carpet when we need to have a little diva moment.

What we love most about our sweet little office is the people who work tirelessly inside. We are DFS Creative Concepts, a marketing and public relations firm that believes in getting the job done while preserving each of our client’s uniqueness. And our own, too.

The DFSCC girls range in ages, interests, styles, stages of life, opinions, and backgrounds. We are writers, planners, executers, and dreamers. We strive to make a difference and work hard without sacrificing personal style and flair. We celebrate who we are as individuals and as a group. We’re bonded by our desire to dominate in the office and have fun doing it.

So, we welcome you to our newest project: The Girl Boss Blog. The Girl Boss Blog is for those who strive to grow personally and professionally, stylistically and expressively. This will be our favorite spot to chat about our latest musings, reflect on what life has taught us recently, and connect with our fellow #GirlBosses from all over. We’ve decided that we should just go for it. We sure do hope you join us for the adventure!