Lifelong Learning Starts Young

The capacity to learn is a gift we all share, yet so few of us truly take this opportunity to its full potential. We spend so much time at work that the discovery of new things becomes more of a chore than a treasure. I personally am guilty of this mentality (oops!), but recently I’ve come to realize that the concept of lifelong learning is the secret to a personally fulfilling and professionally flourishing life. And after all, isn’t that what all of us #GirlBosses out there are truly searching for?

In order for us to reach our full potential and transform into the powerful women we know we can become, it is necessary to make learning a habit. Now, this takes hard work, of which we are all capable.

Stating your specific goals is a great way to ensure you stay on track, and distancing yourself from all forms of distractions (bye-bye iPhone) can keep you focused on the task at hand. In addition, I personally find it helpful to surround myself with other women who share my similar motivations and hard work ethic. After all, you are who you hang out with. And I want to be someone who sticks to her goals, and surpasses them. Continuous learning is the key to forging deeper relationships with others, discovering new passions, and even furthering your career.

Learning is not a burden, and with the right group of #GirlBosses around you it can be enjoyable and fun! Making a little time each day to read a classic book, take a sign language class, or even research your political interests will truly benefit you as a person overall. It’s not about being the best, it’s about creating the best you. We are all on our way there, we just need a little nudge!

So ladies, it only makes sense that being a #GirlBoss must include the habit of lifelong learning. Who you are on the inside shines just as much on the outside, and together we are a group of intellectual women who should never stop discovering. Knowledge is power, and power is freedom. The freedom to unlock a world of possibilities and let nothing stand in our way.