Monday Mantra: What Is Coming is Better Than What has Gone

Source: We Heart It

It was in the middle of nowhere in Alabama, I slept in a tent, and it was amazing. I got much-needed rest and inspiration. I had the chance to converse with new people about deep topics and listen to several talks. One of the talks struck a particularly deep chord with me. The talk was on parents.

I had never actually listened to a talk on parents before. The speaker went over how parents have the power to wound us in uniquely powerful ways, how we wound our parents, and what we can do about it. The most challenging part of the talk, however, was the task we were given at the end. We each had to write a letter to our parents.

It sounds fairly simple, but it really wasn’t. I would argue that writing this letter to my parents was one of the most challenging things I have ever done. I had to be vulnerable and open in ways that made me uncomfortable, trusting that this letter would in some way benefit our relationship. I tried not to think about when my parents would read the letter throughout the week. However, on Friday, I got a long text from my mom telling me she got the letter, followed by a phone call opening the door for conversation about it all.

It. Was. Awesome.

Just that one letter, that ink on paper, changed the game for me and my parents. It’s interesting how one letter can make a difference in all the right ways, and we are all so excited for what’s to come. As the mantra says, what is coming for me and my parents is better than what has gone.

This experience got me thinking about how the simple act of writing that letter was, and how great the impact is. Such a small concept has made a huge difference, and I believe this is applicable to any relationship. Just taking a moment to swallow pride, show gratitude, and to open up means the world to the recipient.

I encourage all you #GirlBosses to try to do the same thing. Pick one person to surprise with a letter. Watch the improvement in your relationship. Enjoy the good that will follow. Trust me, it is much better than what has gone.