Office Space: Remix

I recently came across this article about work spaces and thought, “Ahh yes. This makes sense.” The DFSCC office is bright, happy, and invites creativity. I don’t think a single person has walked through our door and has not had the thought: why, yes, I really can follow my dreams.

I attribute that to the fact that Dorothy has made this company, and this space, a product of her dreams. And the artists who created the art on our walls have done the same. See a trend?

The article offers three key pieces of advice for a successful work space. And, without bias, I have to say that DFSCC has got it going on over here in the West Village.

1. Create a bright & modern workspace

This is a big one. The bright and whimsical pieces in the DFSCC office provide more of a creative safe haven than a dull environment where my desk happens to be located. We have colorful furniture, open desk areas for collaboration, and inspiring décor.




2. Have a workspace ideal for collaboration

Whether it is at the long table or one of the couches, #GirlBosses love to chat about current musings and projects.

DFSCC office

dfscc working space


3. Attract the best people.

Another thing we pride ourselves in. We’ve got the best of the best (more to come on the ladies of DFSCC! *wink*)

dfs web 2
Cred: Angela Zion Photography.

I hope this offers the #GirlBosses of the world some work space inspo. We love working in this bright and loving little corner of GVL. And if you need office design help, Dorothy is your girl (she really can do it all).