Oh, I just really love this

It’s time for a #ConfessionSession: I’ve been in a major funk. Nothing in my life is going particularly “wrong,” but things have not exactly felt right. I don’t feel on top of my life like I usually do, and I walk around as if I’m living in a dream. I’m not present, not joyful, and not myself.

I recently ran into a friend who asked how my day was going. But she’s the kind of friend who gives me that look that says, “No, really. How are you actually doing?” (love those kinds of girls). I told her about my mental rut I couldn’t seem to cure, and to my surprise, she revealed that she felt the exact same way. I was immediately surprised yet comforted. My sweet friend, who has her life together better than Oprah, was also just not feeling it.

Here’s what I, and every #GirlBoss out there, needs to remember: #GirlBosses are human, too. Life does not slow down for any #GirlBoss. In fact, life will kick our butts harder and harder because we refuse to allow those tough days to get to us. As #GirlBosses, we feel the need to triumph over those inevitable days that just bite. We are resistant to emotions and keep running through our schedules when we should consider jogging.

If there is anything I have learned since working at DFS Creative Concepts, it is the importance of balance. Feelings are meant to be felt and bad days are meant to be had. There is no weakness in sitting on your boss’ couch and telling her about what’s wrong (only if your boss is as cool as Dorothy, of course). Hard times have no power over you. Let out your thoughts so you can get your head back in the game. It’s so worth it, I promise.
I love this little quote above because I am almost positive Dorothy has said this to me word-for-word. If you are also in a rut and are having a hard time finding the value behind what you are doing, stop. Take a walk. Call your friend from out of town. Eat your favorite feel-good meal. Put on a cute outfit and lots of pink lipstick. Walk with this mantra: You are brave, you are brilliant, and oh so resilient.