The Face Behind the #GirlBossBlog: Caroline Tucker

As Caroline has been writing about everyone else in the office it occurred to me that through the nature of this project, she has not written about herself. Which should come as no surprise, due to her unassuming heads-down-computer-screens-open attitude. So it’s my turn, actually honor, to write about the originator of the #GirlBossBlog.

When she first came to me with the concept, I was wary. “Will I need to ACTUALLY do anything for it?” I asked. After her marketing presentation, selling me on a dream and an idea she had, I couldn’t very well say no. (I mean really, you can’t say no to Caroline. You just can’t.) The result has been wonderful for DFS Creative Concepts in numerous ways. A lot of self-evaluation, introspection, analysis of what we do and how we work. . . It’s all come about because of Caroline.

So get to know the REAL face behind the #GirlBossBlog. The one who keeps it going, in essence and perseverance. You won’t regret learning more about our very own ray of sunshine.

1. What is your morning mantra?
Oh, man. Considering I’m the usual Monday Mantra contributor, my arsenal of mantras is pretty extensive. But growing up, my parents were big on telling me and my siblings: “Your best is always good enough.” I love that a whole lot. My best might not look like my brother’s best, or my best friend’s best, or Dorothy’s best, or that really picture-perfect fashion blogger’s best. But thank goodness we don’t all have the same “bests,” right? What a boring world that would be. 
(I think this mini rant was the birth of an upcoming Monday Mantra…. stay tuned.)
2. Who is a #GirlBoss you admire? Why?
My dad’s mom, my Nan-Nan, was THE #GirlBoss. She was a writer, mother, fashionista, and devoted lipstick wearer until her dying day. She was a huge believer in women building up women through words of affirmation. She encouraged me to give out at least one compliment a day, and she looooved retail therapy. 
3. What draws you to PR/marketing?
I get to be whatever I want to be – it’s a total chameleon job. One day I’m writing articles (my favorite), the next I’m walking through a venue for an upcoming event, and then I’m at a round-table meeting talking marketing strategy. It’s fast, it’s creative, and it’s ever-changing. 
4. Thoughts on where you’d like your PR/marketing experience to take you?
I’d love to marry my love for writing with the fashion/PR world. . . Maybe to write profiles on really cool people for a really cool publication in a really cool city.
5. You’re favorite office snack:
Dorothy’s leftovers from GB&D. 😉 Their hushpuppies are to die for. 
6. Your go-to office outfit:
An easy swing dress. It’s the best trick for looking like I have my life together regardless of the reality. And then I’ll throw on a long necklace or two and some booties if I reallyyy want to fool people. 
7. Best piece of advice Dorothy has given you:
“Don’t apologize for anything you didn’t do wrong.” Maybe it’s a generational thing, or maybe it’s an unfortunate tendency for young women in general, but it’s my instinct to say “I’m sorry” to everything. Dorothy once heard me on the phone with a vendor who confused an order, and after I apologized and hung up, she goes “Now stop right there.”
This goes for both professional and personal situations. There’s no need to degrade myself for the sake of others. 
8. Describe your experience working at DFSCC in one word:
Undeserved. I don’t know why or how lil ol’ me got this amazing opportunity but I am grateful. It’s fair to say Dorothy and DFSCC have changed my life for the better.
9. Favorite thing about the Village:
There is so much good happening in the Village. I think my favorite thing is the variety of initiatives going on to grow the Village to be a really special place. I’m particularly fond of Mill Community Ministries. I got to listen to the founder, Dan Weidenbenner, speak at a conference and was totally captivated by his vision. I can’t wait to see how it grows in the coming years.
10. Coffee or tea?
Coffee. Black. Or a good chai tea if I’m not that tired (but, really, when is that ever the case?).
So there you have it. Isn’t she lovely? We think so.