Thursday Tidbits: Claudia Bove

Image Source: Angela Cox Zion Photography

It is just after hump day and we are THRILLED. We’re pondering starting the weekend early with some rosé and hightailing it to Mexico. Who’s with us?

I thought it would be fun to get to know the “DFSquad” beyond the bios on our website. Our first gal is the effortlessly chic Claudia Bové. She. Is. Cool. Makes sense, because she is from Southampton, New York. She brings her minimalist, Northern vibe to our office with her sleek clothes and gentle spirit.

CT: What is your morning mantra?

CB: I don’t know if I really have a morning mantra…I’m typically not a morning person but I always like to jam to some music when I’m getting ready to get me in a good mood for the day!

CT: Who is a #GirlBoss you admire? Why?

CB: My mom is the ultimate #GirlBoss – she has her own company and has continually worked so hard my entire life. I wouldn’t be as motivated and self driven if I didn’t have her as my role model growing up.

CT: What draws you to PR & marketing?

CB: I love that work can be fun and creative! I’ve always had an eye for detail and have taken art classes at different museums and programs since before I can remember, so this feels natural for me. I also love to travel, and I get a lot of my inspiration from foreign cultures.

CT: Thoughts on where you’d like your PR/marketing to take you?

CB: I would love to find a job in this field! My *dream* is to one day move to Europe and continue working there.

CT: Your favorite office snack?

CB: Salt and Vinegar chips!! My all time fave.

CT: Your go-to office outfit?

CB: Totally depends on the weather, but typically pants, booties, and a blouse or fun jacket! I love that our office is so artistic and that we can express ourselves in our clothes at work!

CT: Best piece of advice Dorothy has given you:

CB: What piece of advice from Dorothy isn’t the best?! I don’t think I can pick one specific example, but I would say that all of her advice has an underlying tone of believing in yourself and staying true to who you are. I think in this field especially it’s so important to embrace your unique perspectives and ideas and I love that Dorothy encourages us to do that.

CT: Describe your experience working at DFSCC in one word:

CB: Rewarding!

CT: Favorite thing about the Village?

CB: Watching it grow! Every time I come to work I notice something new or different about it.

CT: Coffee or tea?

CB: Tea! My pantry is full of it.

We sure do love our sweet Claudia! #YGG