Tuesday Tips with Dominique

Marketing strategies for a small business – not as scary as it sounds, trust me.

Marketing strategies are the backbone of any successful business, DFS included, but more often than not small-business owners do not take the time to develop a long-lasting approach that delivers consistent results. That’s where we come in. Here are three simple #girlboss tricks that should be considered before you implement a marketing strategy for your small business.

1. Consider your target audience (we repeat this on.the.hour)
Do you want adult males buying your products or do you offer services catered to teenage girls? Knowing exactly who you want to target is crucial to develop an awesome marketing strategy. This is also the time to research your audience and discover what they like and what they don’t like. A quick survey is a great way to start! Sounds basic, but there are many ways to acquire this knowledge. Let us help you. It’s our thing. (One of them, at least.)

2.   Decide what marketing avenues your audience responds well to
Small businesses may not need as many different outlets as a major company, but knowing how you can influence your main client base is the key to success. This step heavily relies upon the research conducted in my previous point, and should steer you in the direction of which medium your audiences uses the most. Know your people, people! And know them well.

3.   Decide how success will be measured
This is crucial, because if something you are doing is not working then it’s time to regroup! It’s ok to try new things while still hanging on to tried-and-true methods. . . Regardless, you should always, always, always be measuring success. Otherwise you will never know the true value of what your dollars are getting you.

Having your own small business is exciting, but when marketing is done correctly, strategically, and creatively. . . It is rewarding as well.

Your ideas should be fun and truly reflect your brand and who you are as the owner. These simple tricks will take your small business to the next level, and should you let us, we’ll be right there to toast to your success.