Understand Customer Relationships. . . Better

Customers are the driving forces behind your business, and nothing is more important than developing excellent relationships with them. The only problem: we do not always know everything about our customers, and often, they do not always know what they want. So, how then can we begin to satisfy them?


Form relationships with heavy users

There are three types of consumers: Early adopters, repeaters, and heavy users. Aim for the latter of the three. These are people who use your product in high amounts—making them the most valuable. It is very important to keep them happy! In addition, you must figure out what they love about your product and why they always come back. This information could be the difference between another consumer sticking with your brand or opting for someone else’s.


Close the space between being adequate and extraordinary

Consumers may desire something great, but are willing to settle for “alright” if there are no other options. If they are simply settling for your product, then they are easy targets for you competitors. Once you learn to fill the space between satisfaction and longing, customers will continue to stay loyal and others will be drawn to your brand. People don’t want things that are just okay. They want something that fulfils their desires, yet this is not always available to them. It is your job to make sure they always have this option. Create your product so that it is as close to what your customer wants as possible. This way, they will never have to settle for less again.