Walking Home

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So, I don’t really know who Ram Dass is. I just looked him up and apparently he is a pretty big deal. While I may not be well acquainted with his work, I like his thinking.

A little background on me: I grew up in a very competitive environment going to an all-girls private school in the mid-Atlantic region. Everything I did was measured in terms of social value: how I performed in school, what I wore last weekend, what sports team I made, etc. It was exhausting. I left with a somewhat sour taste in my mouth and excited to embrace my new life in the South (spoiler: I am so glad I’m here). Regardless of the geographical location of my house, I didn’t necessarily feel at home.

I began working at DFS Creative Concepts completely oblivious to what the real working world was like. I wasn’t sure whether to expect the competitive, no-holds-barred environment of my background. . . Or whether this company who insists on doing things a better (read: happier) way really is what it espouses itself to be. Happily, I can say the latter held true.

We love our clients and value our connections around Greenville more than we can truly express. In my time here so far, I have realized the importance of kindness. . . Especially in this industry. Of looking out for each other (whether it’s a co-worker, a vendor, a collaborator, etc.) and of treating human beings like human beings. It could be so easy to shoot off an email to someone I will probably never meet without much thought as to my tone. When working an event, it could be easy to snap at the caterers and photographers when under stressful circumstances. It’s happened to me, and I am sure I have done it to others. Dorothy has mentioned several times, “Anyone can be rude or mean. Unfortunately, that’s easy. It’s so easy to spout off without thinking, to let your attitude get in the way. But it’s much harder, more difficult, and takes more self-control to hold back and exude positivity. A true testament of a woman’s strength is not about what unkind things she can say to prove her point, but rather what KIND thing she can say to help others see things her way.”

I think I am so drawn to Dass’ quote because it highlights the profound fact that people are people. We have hard stories, broken families, ex- best friends, and tough baggage we’re towing with us everywhere. It’s inherent and true.

So here’s my Monday charge to you (and I am doing the same): Walk people home. Make them feel comfortable and loved, no matter how well you know them. Whether you’re corresponding with someone via email or text, or you are in a huge real estate development meeting with 30 c-level executives, exude kindness. Yes, work is work. But I believe that our world isn’t suited by any of us postponing joy, and exuding it.

One of my favorite song quotes from The Head and the Heart says, “You are already home where you feel loved.” So, fellow #GirlBosses, love on people today. Lead them home. Let’s be a force for good, and always remember. #YGG (You Go, Girl).