What’s Up Wednesday: PLAYlists at #DFSCC

I think learning about other #GirlBosses’ habits is fascinating (hence the article I did on Dorothy’s morning routine). Living vicariously through the lives of women who I think rule their own little worlds is so fun for me. And considering how many lifestyle blogs are out there, I know I’m not alone.

Here at #DFSCC, we spend a lot of time typing away at our desks for hours. And I mean, hours. Dorothy sits down at around 9 a.m. and does not stop the grind until 5 p.m. Every time I walk in the office, I see Julia getting after it with headphones in and her best #GirlBoss game on. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by such driven women, but it begs the question: how do they do it?

Coffee (or tea) is a no brainer. A comfy chair is obvious. So, I thought it would be fun to survey some DFSCC girls and ask what is on their get-down-to-business playlists. The responses were diverse (just like we are!) but provided some great office jams inspo.

Claudia: “I usually listen to the James Bay Radio on Spotify. It’s relaxing but upbeat enough that I won’t fall asleep to it.” By Friday, that is crucial.

Dorothy: “I listen to classical music during work because words distract me. I’d end up typing out the lyrics in a client email, probably!”

(#ConfessionSession: I have done that before. Oops.)

Julia: “Like Dorothy, if I’m really focused, I can’t do songs with words. I usually reach for The Great Gatsby or Twilight Orchestra Score. However, if I’m doing less intense work, I have a go-to playlist right now consisting of the following songs:
Deep End — Tarro Remix – THEY., Tarro
Orbit – SŸDE, Ashe
Love$ick – Mura Masa, A$Ap Rocky
Temporary Love – The Brinks
Over – Honors
Instinct (ft. MadeinTYO) – Roy Woods, Madeintyo
Thinking About You – Andreas Moss
Feels – Kiiara
Junkie (feat. Nevve & Monstre) – Kill Paris, Nevve, Monstre
The Other – Lauv
Lights Down Low – MAX
Light – San Holo

If all else fails, I turn to some of the pre-made Spotify playlists such as “Afternoon Acoustic” or “At Work.”

(Julia is the edgy one of the group. Can you tell?)

Sally: “I usually don’t listen to music when I work, but when I do, it’s usually John Mayer or the Dixie Chicks.”

As for me, I prefer to listen to music that I like but don’t necessarily know. If I am too familiar with the words, I end up typing them (see the above parenthetical citation). I like upbeat and whimsical artists, kind of like the music you hear while shopping at Anthropologie. Go-to artists are Ellie Holcomb and Jillian Edwards. I’m also a huge country music person and have been on a major Dylan Scott kick. But, my tried-and-true is always Ben Rector or Brett Eldredge. Mmm, so good.

So, #GirlBosses, what do you listen to while you are on the job? We’d love to know!