What’s Up Wednesdays: Q&A with DFSCC Alumna Evelyn Henson (hooray!)

Caroline Tucker: How did you get involved with DFS Creative Concepts?

Evelyn Henson: I met Dorothy Self through Furman’s chapter of Alpha Delta Pi and started interning with her during my senior year. She was doing marketing exclusively with The Greenville News and TALK Greenville Magazine at the time, so I was with her in their offices a few times a week.

CT: Tell me about your experience with DFSCC. Any highlights? Low points?

EH: From the fabulously chic office space to the world’s best #GirlBoss, I love all things DFSCC and couldn’t have asked for better marketing experiences! DFSCC was working exclusively with The Greenville News and TALK Greenville at the time, so it was fun to assist with the marketing tasks for both of those publications behind the scenes. And, of course, any event I got to attend was especially fun. You know it will be a good time when Dorothy is involved with the planning!

CT: I agree 100%. Dorothy knows how to make event planning into parties in and of themselves. What was your relationship with Dorothy like? How has it changed over time?

EH: Dorothy has always been a wonderful role model, inspiration, and friend. Not only has she been the best ever example of what it means to be a #GirlBoss, but she’s remained so supportive and encouraging even after my internship time at DFSCC concluded.

CT: I’m not surprised. What was the main thing you took away from working at DFSCC?

EH: That anything is possible when you start the day with a smile and end it with champagne! And also that hard work, kindness, and a positive attitude go a long way.

CT: Spoken like a true DFSCC girl. Now as an artist, what is the biggest challenge you face daily? Do you use anything you learned at DFSCC to get you through this challenge?

EH: As any small business owner or artist can probably relate to, there are so many different things to juggle that it’s often challenging to stay on task. Sometimes I get so caught up in the day to day chaos that I forget to focus on the big picture. My time with DFSCC taught me to dream big and set goals for myself, and these lessons inspire me to structure my day in a way that helps me pursue what matters.

CT: At DFSCC, we think you are THE #GirlBoss. What advice do you have for aspiring #GirlBosses?

EH: Be kind, believe in yourself, and when all else fails have a piece of cake. 😉

As if Evelyn Henson was not already my girl crush, this confirms everything. We’re eagerly waiting to see how Evelyn uses her positive and fun outlook on life to change the world. Evelyn, #YGG.